Technology news rumors circulating wildly about Amazon Phone

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Experts in the industry have been presenting their projections regarding a smartphone from the company. The latest technology news reports from mobile industry experts are increasingly suggesting that Amazon will soon be releasing smartphone options for its consumers in addition to its already successful ebook readers and tablets. In fact, many rumors are starting to say that there will actually be two different smartphones available. The belief is that one of the Amazon smartphones that will soon be making technology news will have a 3D screen and will have a…

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Technology news rumors suggest the next iPhone will be out in June

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The latest consensus appears to be that the Apple 5S model will be unveiled on June 20. Though, as per Apple’s typical style, the actual unveiling date of its next smartphone has not been revealed, the most recent predictions being made by experts and bloggers in the industry show that the iPhone 5S will be debuted on June 20. This will also mean that the shipping of the device is likely to start at the beginning of July. This technology news prediction aligns itself very well with the typical launches…

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Technology news made by Nokia with missed opportunity

Nokia technology news

Missing the Chinese New Year shopping season may prove painful to the smartphone manufacturer. Though Nokia is still making top technology news with the release of its next smartphones, many are wondering if it has missed a tremendous opportunity by missing out on the shopping season for Chinese New Year. The brand is advertising its Lumia 920T smartphone but it may not be able to deliver in time. Following a massive traditional and mobile marketing campaign that encouraged Chinese consumers to “Change Phones for the New Year!”, the Nokia Lumia…

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Mobile commerce report shows Huawei in top third spot in 2014 Q4

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According to the IDC, the company was registered in the number three position behind Apple and Samsung. The International Data Corporation (IDC) has released its Q4 report regarding mobile commerce, which revealed that Huawei has skyrocketed into the third position of smartphone vendors worldwide. This is the first time that the company has made this considerable achievement. According to the IDC mobile commerce report, Huawei maintained a 4.9 percent share of the market, based on the total number of units shipped. This may be considerably less than the 29 percent…

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