Mobile commerce shopping will make up half of e-purchases in 3 years

mobile commerce shopping

By 2020, smartphone and tablet using consumers will buy just as much as their desktop using counterparts. It’s no mystery that mobile commerce shopping trends are on the rise, but a recent report by UPS predicts that by 2020, orders made over mobile device will represent half of all online purchasing. In fact, the forecast showed that m-commerce will make up about $250 billion in sales per year by then. The UPS report indicated that most of the mobile sales will come from consumers using smartphones. It also stated that…

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Tablet commerce trends in the U.K. show popularity with those aged 55 plus

tablet commerce trends

A new report showed a considerable inclination toward shopping over tablets among those aged 55 and up. Tablet commerce trends are showing positive tendencies when it comes to usage in the United Kingdom among those aged 55 and older. Shoppers within that age group are finding the larger screen mobile devices provides a positive experience. This, according to a new report published by Bronto Software based on a survey they conducted. Despite the fact that tablets are facing an uncertain future due to the nature of the smartphone market, one…

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M-commerce is receiving an important boost from mobile coupons

mobile marketing coupons - with QR code

This form of advertising is encouraging more people to look to their smartphones when they shop. In 2010, m-commerce made up only 3 percent of online shopping as a whole, but by the time the end of the 2012 holiday season arrived, that figure had spiked upward to reach 11 percent, which represented approximately $18 billion in consumer spending. Mobile merchandising trends are rapidly changing and consumers are catching on very rapidly. These new mobile marketing trends are starting to focus on bringing very practical and attractive elements to m-commerce.…

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Mobile marketing data shows Apple device users have greater loyalty

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

A recent survey has shown that Android device users are less likely to come back. When it comes to mobile marketing, one of the largest issues that is gaining the focus of the industry is in consumer loyalty to the brands that they use, and whether or not there are trends based on the operating systems that are being used by those shoppers. A recent study has shown that there is a difference between the loyalty of Apple and Android users. Companies are striving to achieve brand loyalty, which starts…

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Mobile commerce app success at Asda driven by moms

asda mobile commerce app for moms

The company is experiencing a boost over this channel as parent consumers download its application. Asda has reported that its mobile commerce performance is performing a great deal better due to a wave of moms who are using their smartphones to download the retailer’s shopping app. The company has stated that over the Christmas season, a quarter of its online purchases came from smartphones and tablets. Throughout the holiday season, one in every four online orders at Asda came from consumers using mobile commerce through their smartphones and tablets. Since…

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