Mcommerce has yet to lead to big sales


Retailers have yet to achieve consistent large sales through smartphone shoppers. Though there has been considerable hype around the subject of mcommerce over the last while, many retailers have yet to feel excited about the channel, as they aren’t yet seeing sales that make them feel that all of the effort, funds, and resources that it requires to work into a strategy are worth it. A new report has now shown that retailers may be right in their suspicions, as it generates only a small fraction of sales. Though this…

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Out with the old and in with the new!

America may be on the brink of a technological revolution. Mobile marketing is exploding here in the United States; and the use of QR Codes is starting to be seen everywhere. Now, we will be going to the next level; the ability to make mobile payments through tWallet and mVoucher. These are two new payment platforms that may be on the next Smartphone you purchase. Even though a survey showed that most people are uncomfortable with the idea of paying for things with their phones. It is basically the same…

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