Learn from the mobile marketing mistakes of others

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Jump ahead by learning from the trial and error that has already been accomplished. Mobile marketing is still very new and can be quite tricky, but there have already been a large number of campaigns – some successes and some failures – that can help a company or a brand to learn how to continually improve its own advertising and promotions, without having to make the same mistakes that have already been suffered by others. QR codes are a prime example of how successes are possible by avoiding repeats of…

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Mobile commerce website and apps redesigned by Toys ‘R’ Us

Toys R Us Mobile marketing

New site with a tablet focus has also been optimized and launched by the company. Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us have announced that their mobile commerce websites and apps have now been completely redesigned and that a new launch has also taken place to for optimization for tablet using consumers. The redesigned applications and sites provide consumers with a more simplified and engaging experience. The new mobile commerce apps and websites give customers the chance to browse and search for products, learn about these items, read their reviews,…

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Mobile marketing and social media are rising in popularity among small businesses

mobile marketing spending worldwide

Smaller and medium sized companies are increasing their spending on the channel. A new survey by Local Commerce Monitor, which was conducted by the BIA/Kelsey research firm has shown that spending on mobile marketing is on the rise among small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). A larger amount of overall advertising budgets is being designated for smartphone and tablet channels. The mobile marketing report is based on research that was conducted online in a partnership with Ipsos. What it determined was that the average spending among SMBs for smartphone advertising…

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