Mobile marketing is taking off in Spain

Spain - mobile marketing

This European country is making tremendous advances in advertising on small screen devices. While the countries that paved the way for mobile marketing in the Western world were primarily Great Britain and the United States, it is currently Spain that is making the greatest advances in this area in terms of use and adoption. Spain now has more consumers that use smartphones than it ever has before, opening up a serious opportunity. Spanish advertisers are now focusing on mobile marketing to a considerable extent in order to reach out to…

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Augmented reality may finally be getting big

Google Glass augmented reality games and phone technology

A range of different devices, technologies and uses have started to send AR into the mainstream. The number of startups that have made their way into the augmented reality space is now growing faster than it ever was before, and as a part of that, everyone from game developers to mobile marketing firms are working to try to make use of this technology in the best possible way. Among the latest trends has been the testing of AR as a part of various types of mobile device enabled marketing features.…

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Mobile marketing is being held back by a lack of quality data

mobile marketing data ROI

Experts have noted that they are not receiving the information that they require to push the channel forward. Despite the considerable opportunity presented by mobile marketing, and the fact that it is an affordable form of advertising and promotions, its potential is barely being tapped at the moment. Many experts are saying that a lack of knowledge based on good data is holding the channel back. A group of experts in the field were asked about their opinions on the present and future trends in mobile marketing and expressed that…

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Mobile marketing will be critical to insurance agencies in 2014

local SEO performances

Consumers are choosing smartphones and tablets on a rapidly increasing basis when shopping for coverage. Retailers have already been recognizing the importance of mobile marketing as a vital way to reach and interact with consumers in an engaging way, and it is becoming increasingly important that the insurance industry comes to the same understanding. In order for an insurance agency to be successful mobile devices will need to make their way into the mix. The latest data is showing that for 2014, it will be more important than ever for…

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Social media marketing is now central to Super Bowl ads

Super bowl social media advertising marketing wearable technology

The commercials during this multimillion dollar commercial and advertising opportunities have huge digital components. Although it was clear that social media marketing had made a place for itself in the heavily viewed Super Bowl commercials, last year, this year’s story made it clear that this channel isn’t just a side note, anymore, but that it has become a central focus. The hope from advertisers is that the added influence will extend the benefit of the ad beyond 30 seconds. For many years, the Super Bowl has been the top American…

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