NFC technology and Bluetooth deliver “tap for reward” from Tapcentive

nfc technology

A new mobile marketing platform allows brick and mortar stores to connect with consumers over smartphones. Mobile marketing companies have been trying everything that they can think up to be able to reach customers in meaningful ways, and now Tapcentive is has introduced a new platform that will use Bluetooth and NFC technology as a central component to a reward based system. The goal is to be able to help retailers and marketers to be able to reach consumers at the right time in the right way. Tapcentive has created…

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QR Code Detective: Is your barcode visible but inconvenient?

QR code detective - michaels art store and eggs

There is a growing problem with quick response codes that are easy to see but inconvenient to scan. This week, our investigators observed a number of QR code placements that were highly visible so that they would certainly attract the attention of the user, but that would require the user to go out of his or her way to actually scan them. When a quick response code is inconvenient to scan, the odds are that people won’t do it. In order to make sure that people will have the greatest…

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Mobile marketing with coupons boosts spontaneous shopping

mobile marketing coupons - with QR code

Impulse purchases are on the rise at retailers who use discount couponing strategies over smartphones. Retailers have known for decades upon decades that if they offer a customer a great deal while they are in the store, they will be able to convince many people to make purchases that may not have been on their shopping lists, and now this concept is transferring over to mobile marketing. Supermarkets, for example, post their sale signs to draw consumers to buy more, but that works only when the sign is seen. Making…

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Mobile marketing makes its way to the Space Needle

space needle mobile marketing

Tourism advertising has taken on the smartphone and tablet channel in Seattle. Even tourist attractions that stand out beyond an entire urban center skyline can use some extra promotion and marketers for the Space Needle have chosen the mobile marketing channel as their next opportunity to draw tourists and locals, alike. Despite the fact that the Space Needle stands out above everything else in the downtown core of Seattle, it needs promotions. This could be seen as an important lesson for all tourism marketers, as even the most evident hotspots…

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Mobile marketing at Android moves ahead of iOS for first time

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Until now, Apple has always held the largest amount of ad traffic, but that has recently changed. According to a recently released quarterly advertising report, while Apple had previously held the undisputed lead in mobile marketing in terms of the amount of ad traffic that it generates from iPhones, Android has now achieved the top position for the first time. For years, the ad traffic from Android smartphones has had nearly no impact on the share from iPhones. There had been a number of different theories put forward to help…

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