Mobile payments get a boost from PayPal

Paypal mobile payments

In their overall expansion of digital transactions, they have also streamlined their e-checkout process. Last year, PayPal made mobile payments news headlines with its announcement of Beacon as it promised to help to enhance the overall location based experience for brick and mortar stores and their shoppers, and now it is making them again by expanding their efforts for online transactions as a whole. Even as the company pushes its way into offline retail, it is keeping up with mobile e commerce. This week, PayPal launched a new checkout experience…

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Mobile payments goes hands free with PayPal Beacon

Mobile Payments Video

The technology uses Bluetooth LE to make it possible for the service to expand. PayPal has just unveiled the very latest in its mobile payments offerings, an extension of its overall program, and is now promising to make it even easier to pay for products and services through the use of a smartphone, to the point that it is – according to the company – even simpler than using a credit card. Though there are already many other options being developed, PayPal hopes this will be the most attractive. There…

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Mobile payments still going strong at Starbucks

Starbucks Mobile Payments App

Two years after its app was first launched, the company still leads in smartphone transactions. Two years ago, Starbucks launched its smartphone app for mobile payments, and while it got started with a bang, it has continued its successes and maintains its position as the unchallenged leader in transactions made over smartphones. This success is true from virtually every angle, from volume to frequency of use, and even user experience. The Starbucks mobile payments app has set the standard to be achieved by any other entrant to the marketplace. That…

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Mobile payments for micro businesses dumped by Verifone

small business verifone mobile payments

The CEO of VeriFone has announced a withdrawal from direct-to-micromerchant services. VeriFone took the mobile payments industry off guard when its CEO released the surprising news that it would no longer be pursuing direct-to-micromerchant and would be selling off that part of its business. It explained that its Sail service has been unprofitable and that it would no longer be continued. The mcommerce news was released by Doug Bergeron, the VeriFone company CEO. After a year of heavy promotions of all of the company’s mobile payments services for tablets and…

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Mobile payments service developed by key Starbucks team members

mobile marketing spending

The veterans of the leading smartphone transaction success story have received funding for Cardfree. A new mobile payments startup called Cardfree is being launched with $10 million and is being led by a team of Starbucks smartphone experience veterans in order to help other businesses who would like to achieve similar successes to those of the international coffee shop chain. The café played a vital role in showing the world the potential of this type of transaction. It started its successes with the Starbucks Card app and has gone on…

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