Ralph Lauren wearable technology PoloTech shirt to hit store shelves

PoloTech ralph lauren wearable technology

This device and apparel cross over will become available in time for the US Open this week. The PoloTech shirt from Ralph Lauren isn’t just the next one of the designer’s pieces of clothing, but is actually wearable technology that has been embedded with sensors that provide the wearer with biometric data in real-time. This includes readings on the number of calories burned and the wearer’s heart rate, sent to the wearer’s iPhone. The information collected and transmitted through this wearable technology smart shirt is meant to help the wearer…

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Wearable technology now has a heat generating shirt in its category

thermometer - wearable technology

With wintry weather on its way, clothing that produces its own warmth may be an appealing opportunity. A new shirt is now heating up the wearable technology category, as the FuelWear Flame Base layer has now been unveiled as a product that warms itself in order to keep the wearer’s body temperature at exactly the desired temperature. This wearable device can be worn for several hours, depending on the amount of heat it must generate. This wearable technology shirt will continue to provide the wearer with warmth for anywhere from…

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Smart clothing from Ralph Lauren worn at U.S. Open

Tennis ball US open smart clothing

This will be the brand’s introduction into the wearable technology industry. The U.S. Open wasn’t just an exciting event for tennis fans, this year, as it also represented the introduction of the latest in smart clothing, which was, in this case, made up of a nylon t-shirt from Ralph Lauren, which was able to monitor the stress levels and heart rate of the wearer. All the athlete needed to do was wear the shirt, and certain physical responses could be monitored remotely. David Lauren spoke about the smart clothing only…

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Wearable technology shirt at the center of Intel’s current vision

wearable technology intel smart shirt

The chipmaker’s entry into wearables will involve a product that people have been wearing for millennia. According to Intel, the next big thing in wearable technology will be a smart shirt, which is technically something that is already being worn by millions of people and that has been worn for a very long time. Of course, it is the “smart” aspect of the apparel that makes the difference in this particular case. Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel, modeled this wearable technology, himself. While attending the Code Conference, he donned…

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