Wearable technology with Iris Apfel goes beyond chunky smartwatches

elderly wearable technology senior

The 94-year old fashion icon is setting up to become the face of wearables for the golden generation. Iris Apfel, the American fashion and interior design icon, was recently making headlines for the documentary about her life, which is available on Netflix but is now in the spotlight, once more, as she becomes a central figure in wearable technology designed specifically for her generation. If she is as successful in this as she is in her other ventures, Apfel will prove that wearables work for everyone. Known for her stunning…

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Wearable technology may need to appeal to women to gain mainstream acceptance

US Smartphone Survey wearable technology news

According to the founder of Trellie, Claude Aldridge, it is the female market that holds the power with wearables. Wearable technology is starting to make its way into jewelry at an increasing rate, as a number of brands and designers try to appeal to consumers with a product other than a smartwatch or a wrist band. There have already been a few types of ring, pendant, and bracelet that have appeared on the market. However, whether or not they will be successful is something completely different than whether or not…

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Wearable tech SmartRing announced by MOTA

wearable tech ring

These wearables may represent a device that consumers will find more appealing and practical than smartwatches. MOTA has now unveiled its new wearable tech which comes in the form of a smart ring that is meant to be stylish and attractive as well as practical, in order to possibly become more popular than smartwatches, which are not being adopted quite as quickly as had been originally expected. The smart ring device is meant to provide smartphone notifications on a device worn on the finger. Smartwatches are just starting to pick…

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Wearable technology ring design has now been released by Ringly

ringly wearable technology

The limited edition piece of fashionable wearables has been added to the company’s collection. Ringly’s first wearable technology launch was earlier this summer and it came in the form of a fashionable cocktail ring that was Bluetooth LE enabled, and that device was an immediate hit. Now, the company has made a new limited edition design available to those who adore the device. The original Ringly wearable technology was available in four colors. It provides the wearer with alerts whenever a notification – such as a call or a text…

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Wearable technology is the new Ring you want on your finger

Wearable Technology - smart Ring

Could these new wearables form the marriage that stands the test of time? You’ve heard of smartwatches, but the wearable technology involved in these wrist bands and straps is now getting smaller, in the form of rings that can put the power of your mobile devices on your finger. Ring, a brand new product, is hoping to bring wearables and gesture technology together. This simply titled wearable technology product helps to provide its wearers with a shortcut to just about everything that they need to do on their mobile devices…

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