QR codes in microscopic sizes will help stop counterfeiting

invisible qr codes

A lab in Toulouse, France, have discovered a way to make a quick response code half a hair’s diameter. A company called Nanotech, out of Toulouse, France, has now revealed that they have developed QR codes that are invisible to the naked eye, but that can still be scanned and used for a number of purposes, primarily in the form of security. These micro tags use nano particles and are so small that 10,000 can be printed in one square centimeter. The Nanotech team was led by Laurence Ressier, have…

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QR codes aren’t just breaking records for being big

Though much attention has been given to quick response barcodes that are huge, now there is a microscopic version. Those who love attention for breaking records have seen QR codes as a natural and attractive challenge, but now there are competitors at the other end of the scale, as microscopic versions start to join the mobile commerce industry. These tiny barcodes have been referred to as microtaggant labels and are exceptionally tiny. A microtaggant is a particle that is used for microscopic identification for either the tracking or the prevention…

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