Mobile payments offer advantage to small businesses

Mobile Payments

Restaurants specifically stand to benefit from offering patrons a way to pay using smartphones. Analysts are stating that in order to remain competitive now that it is 2013, it will soon be considered to be “crucial” for small businesses and restaurants to offer mobile payments options to their customers. This will help to provide those companies with the type of competitive edge that they require. Electric Commerce International CEO, Jim Anderson, agrees with this statement and included it in a release from his company on the subject. That company is…

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Mobile payment feature now available with latest QuickBooks release

Mobile payments systems

Small retailers benefit from the opportunity to take provide greater convenience to smartphone consumers. The latest version of QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro 2013 New User w/ HW , is now giving small business retailers the opportunity to get into the mobile payments world both within their brick and mortar locations and outside their shop walls, without having to give up the powerful tools that they require in order to make sure that their businesses enjoy optimal operations. This most recent Intuit Inc. point of sale product was released on…

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