Research shows small- and medium-sized businesses are taking on mobile marketing

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According to the results of a study that were just released by Borrell Associates, small- and medium-sized businesses seem to be taking on mobile marketing at an increasing rate. The research showed that approximately eighty percent of businesses of this size intend to add mobile to their marketing mix by the end of 2011. There were 484 companies of small and medium size that participated in this study. Among them, 83 percent stated that they had either already started using mobile marketing, or they intend to begin doing so before…

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Study shows businesses are choosing risks over potential with smartphones

Mobile Commerce News

Ofcom, a Government media regulator, has published the results of their research, which discussed the issue of “smartphone addiction” and its graying of the area between the professional and the private life. The report explained that smartphone use has worked its way into every element of our lives. However, while there were a number of different negative aspects discussed, it also examined a number of mobile trends that open up potential for businesses but that are, for the most part, being greatly underused. Though many large companies have had their…

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Cheap ways to advertise your business

Advertising can be expensive, making it less and less appealing, especially to the small business owner. They’ve been hard hit by this passing recession and are finding themselves unwilling to commit a significant amount of their budget to costly outdoor advertisements, many hoping that word of mouth will suffice. A Chicago-based company is looking to change that, however, by providing reasonably priced advertising through the use of QR. was launched to cater to small and medium businesses who must advertise to bring in traffic but unable to do so…

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