Study shows larger conversions and spending from tablets than smartphones

Tablet Commerce

Adobe Systems has published a report that included the data it collected in its recent research, which indicated that tablet owners spend more when shopping at e-commerce websites than their PC and smartphone using counterparts. The study included an analysis of 16.2 billion visits to 150 retail websites. It determined that tablet users spend more on individual orders than individuals who shop using their smartphones and personal computers. The average amount spent by tablet users per order was $123, in comparison to $80 for smartphone owners and $102 by individuals…

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IBM analytics forecast hot holiday shopping season over mobile devices

Mobile Shopping

IBM has used its extensive resources for analytics to determine that the 2011 holiday shopping season will boom with more use of mobile devices to make purchases over retail sites than ever before. The company has forecasted that throughout the heat of the November holiday shopping season, a never before seen 15 percent of Americans will be using a mobile device to visit a retailer’s website. These findings were based on IBM’s use of cloud analytics from its range of analytics solutions. The IBM Coremetrics Benchmark data indicated that there…

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M-Commerce is on the move!

Companies that have online shopping sites are getting a major boost from mobile and social media. With the extremely high number of mobile phone users and the phenomenal number of Facebook users (not to mention Twitter, LinkedIn, Tribe, Yelp, Web 2.0 and countless others), companies are getting exposure all over the world. It is important to have a good marketing plan before going to advertise on a social media site; with thousands of other companies having the same idea, you don’t want to be lost in the crowd because of…

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