The consumer shopping experience is increasingly dependent on mobile payments

Consumer shopping experience - mobile payment

A new Buyer PaymentsInsights Survey by Mercator Advisory Group examined this trend. Mercator Advisory Group has released the outcomes of its recent Primary Data report, Buyer PaymentsInsights – Payment Behavior: Younger Shoppers Lead a Change, showing that mobile payments has become highly critical to the consumer shopping experience. The report’s conclusions are based on Mercator’s 2020 Buyer PaymentsInsights Survey. This online survey involved the participation of 3,000 adult consumers in the United States. It was conducted before the outbreak of the pandemic in the U.S., in February 2020. It examined…

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M-commerce trends are drawing buyers

m-commerce mobile apps

The many shopping trends currently taking off are sending shoppers to their smartphones to a rising degree. As consumers look toward digital resources to a rising extent, m-commerce is benefiting from those shopping behaviors as a growing number of them look to their smartphones and tablets to learn more about brands, products, and stores where they can make a purchase. They are using those gadgets to find out about where they can buy in person, on their PC, or over mobile. This shift in m-commerce use is making it increasingly…

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Mobile Device Usage to Outpace Computer Usage

You may be reading this post on a desktop or laptop computer right now but if you decide to read it again in a year, chances are good you’ll be scrolling through on a smartphone or tablet. That is if you’re not already reading this on your phone. Around the globe mobile, devices are poised to overtake traditional computers – not only in sales but also in terms of how we use them. Convenience is only one factor. When you consider both the decreasing prices and the ever-increasing options in…

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Mcommerce may be held back in the UK due to connection speeds


The lack of universal 4G may stop mobile holiday shopping from achieving its full potential. The shopping season for the holidays is just on the edge of getting started, but many believe that mcommerce will not be able to reach its full potential this year in the U.K. because the country does not have a universal 4G carrier. Some leading analysts feel that this will hold consumers back from shopping from their smartphones. Mcommerce analysts feel that at the current common smartphone speeds, consumers who would otherwise shop using their…

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Mcommerce showing notable progress among retailers, according to new study

Mobile commerce

CrossView research has also shown advancement in consistent marketing promotions and social sharing. Multichannel mcommerce solutions and services provider, CrossView Inc., has just released the results of its Cross Channel Readiness survey for 2012, which examined the behaviors of retailers across a number of different categories in order to measure improvements and declines in online, in-store, mobile, and phone shopping. It performed this examination with a consistent brand experience in mind. The research this year showed that there has been a significant improvement in a number of vital areas when…

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