Wearable technology gets weirder with the Selfie Hat from Acer

Acer Selfie Hat - wearable technology

This new and highly unique device has been called everything from hilarious to scary – it’s certainly different. Acer has just taken a much more light hearted approach to wearable technology with its oversized, vibrant pink, glittering selfie hat, which has certainly carved out a whole new branch of this tech category. Recently, the Selfie Brush made its way into the world, and now the obsession with taking one’s own picture is growing. The Selfie Hat, from Acer, is a massive piece of headwear, reminiscent of a tremendous beach hat…

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Mobile technology is causing a “strange” experience for the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II mobile technology

Queen Elizabeth has said “I miss eye contact” when it comes to meeting people in the crowds. Mobile technology has now become a central part of the experience as the Queen or any other member of the house of Windsor makes their way through the throngs of people that are always waiting at every location to which they travel. Every moment she makes as she meets with the people is recorded over smartphones and tablets. This trend with mobile technology has been growing over the years, to the point that…

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Selfies explode in popularity under Thailand’s martial law

thai army selfies

Tourists and locals, alike are using mobile devices to snap pictures of themselves with soldiers. Even though the anti-government protests in Thailand have brought about a serious state of political turmoil as martial law has been declared, but at the same time, it has also generated a unique trend in the use of mobile devices as people are flocking to take selfies with Thai soldiers. Martial law was declared by the military of Thailand last Thursday, after half a year of protests against the government. The army’s own television channel…

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