SecuTABLET unveiled in partnership among BlackBerry, IBM, and Samsung

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This tablet has been designed for a very high level of mobile security for corporate clients. BlackBerry has been working very hard under CEO John Chen to reestablish itself as a relevant player in the mobile technology market, and in this effort it has entered into some powerful relationships that have now helped to bring about the SecuTABLET. This reentry of BlackBerry into the tablet commerce marketplace is aimed at corporate clients in the enterprise market. Secusmart is a company owned by BlackBerry, and it has now unveiled the SecuTABLET,…

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BlackBerry confirms that it has purchased Secusmart

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The company’s attempt at recovery has taken a new step as it announces a new acquisition. Following closely on the heels of the news that BlackBerry has completed its restructuring phase – that is, they have finished the current wave of job cuts and executive hiring – there has now been an announcement that has revealed that the smartphone manufacturer has made another considerable acquisition. This most recent acquisition was of a mobile security company called Secusmart GmbH. BlackBerry is now preparing for the acquisition of Secusmart GmbH, which it…

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Mobile security move made by new BlackBerry acquisition

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The struggling Canadian handset maker has now purchased the Secusmart anti-eavesdropping company. BlackBerry has now made the latest in a series of moves that are designed to allow the company to claw its way back into relevance and – dare it be said – successful recovery, through the acquisition of a mobile security company called Secusmart. The firm’s anti-eavesdropping technology align with BlackBerry’s new focus on amped up security. Secusmart’s high powered mobile security technology was initially developed in order to provide the smartphones of German government officials – such…

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