Google rolls out passkeys to all accountholders

Passkeys - Passkey on keyboard

This represents the first very largescale step in the transition toward using this password alternative. Google has announced a major step forward in the transition away from passwords by letting its personal accountholders log in using passkeys instead. The feature recently launched to all Google accounts, letting users turn the feature on if they want to. Billions of accounts now have the passkeys option available to users who actively seek out the feature and turn it on. According to Google, it plans to promote the password alternative in coming months.…

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Facial recognition school surveillance has been added to New York school district

Facial recognition school surveillance - Students Lined Up

New security technology has been implemented in schools to keep students safe. Lakeport City School District has been making headlines for installing a facial recognition school surveillance system in a high school, a middle school, six elementary schools, and an administrative building within its district. The technology scans student’s faces upon their entering the school, checking for matches in the security database. A state grant awarded the school distract the $4 million in funds required to install the system. The Lakeport City School District is using a facial recognition system…

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Google’s latest technology news includes security ultimatum to competitors

google sign Google Pixel and Pixel XL

The internet and tech giant has threatened to expose the security flaws of the competition if they are not repaired. The Financial Post has reported the technology news that Google has recently released an ultimatum to other tech companies that says that they had 90 days to patch their software vulnerabilities or Google would publicize those flaws. An elite hacking and programming team at Google has identified security flaws in competitor software. The result of this effort has been that the company has now made technology news in giving those…

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New mobile security chief joins BlackBerry team

Blackberry technology news mobile security BES12 mobile security

The smartphone manufacturer is gearing up to boost the strength of its mobile security technology. BlackBerry has announced that it has hired a new chief security officer, giving the struggling handset maker an improved focus on the development of mobile security technology. The new chief security officer is David Kleidermacher, who will oversee security feature development. Kleidermacher will hold this responsibility over mobile security device software as well as for other products, and to take the lead in research and development targeted toward the prevention of security breaches. This is…

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Mobile security gains momentum on the back of biometric technology

Mobile marketing cyber Security

Biometrics could revolutionize mobile security Goode Intelligence, a market research and analysis firm, has released a new forecast report concerning the state of the mobile market and the demand for biometric security solutions. Mobile security has become a major issue for businesses and consumers alike. With technology playing a larger role in society, a lack of security could have dire consequences for many people. The new market report from Goode Intelligence outlines the growing prominence that mobile security is beginning to establish throughout the world. More than 3.4 billion people…

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