Wearable ocular technology could help those who are blind to see

wearable ocular technology - Orion visual cortical prosthesis - Second Sight - YouTube

Orion is a groundbreaking medical system that uses diverse technologies to help blind individuals see again. A new wearable ocular technology called Orion has been developed by California-based Second Sight. Orion is a visual cortical prosthesis that is made up of an implant designed to communicate with a pair of smartglasses that are equipped with an affixed camera. The device was designed to provide artificial vision, with the potential to restore some form of useable vision in individuals who are completely blind. Second Sight is planning to test Orion with…

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Augmented reality used to grant sight to the blind

Augmented Reality Vision

Augmented reality could cure blindness Combining technology with biology has been restricted to the realm of science-fiction for years. Commonly known as bionics, this concept is feasible despite the fact that it is a very common element in movies, books, and other forms of entertainment. As technology has become more advanced, bionics are quickly becoming more feasible. Recently, researchers in the realm of bionics have begun to focus on augmented reality, suggesting that this technology could be the key to unlocking a new generation of prosthesis for humans. Device used…

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