Mobile commerce app to be used year round by Sears

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The application had previously been used on a seasonal basis to drive sales. As Sears releases the 60th edition of its Wish Book catalog it is also releasing it in a mobile commerce format for iPads for the second year in a row. The retailer’s catalog has become a holiday tradition for many shoppers. Sears is attempting to make certain that the catalog maintains its importance and popularity for the holiday shopping experience by making improvements that will help it to keep up with the latest technologies and consumer expectations.…

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Sears mobile sees growth in double-digit proportions over the weekend following Thanksgiving

Sears mobile commerce website performance

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the Monday that followed (Cyber Monday) Sears customers were using their mobile devices to shop for products, make purchases, and pick them up at the store, providing the retailer with double-digit increases. Sears has placed a significant focus on mobile throughout 2011, as it intends to expand on its current mobile offerings so that customers will have a full line of features available. This year, the mobile strategy for the retailer has included additions that include providing consumers with a larger number of options…

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Black Friday to be a proving ground for holiday-oriented QR codes

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Black Friday is here and retailers are looking enlisting the aid of QR codes to help manage the crowds of shoppers heading their way. For retailers, barcodes have been a valuable tool for decades. QR codes are becoming more popular with businesses due to their ability to streamline and expedite the shopping process. Companies like Sears, JC Penney, Kmart and Macy’s are using the codes to weather the storm of shoppers on the busiest day for the retail industry. Sears has integrated QR codes into their expansive holiday shopping strategy.…

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Sears revs up for Cyber Monday with enhanced web and mobile commerce site features

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With only a week before Cyber Monday, Sears Holdings has announced the heavily anticipated new and enhanced e-commerce and m-commerce website features at its,, and sites. This retail giant has made several changes in order to make it easier for consumers to navigate the sites on one of the biggest days of the year for online shopping. These efforts include the user of mobile apps that provide the opportunity for accessing the inventory at local stores, as well as mygofer-powered home delivery services. This gives customers the…

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