Social media marketing leads to one third of brand discoveries

Social Media Marketing on Pinterest

The results of a recent data analysis have shown that traffic is driven from social networks to brand sites. According to the latest Forrester Search Marketing Playbook (2013) marketers that use social media marketing as an element of their overall strategies online are driving consumers back to their brand sites by participating in social media. The research has finally shown that there is tangible benefit from using this advertising technique. The report from Forrester indicated that 32 percent of consumers find the official brand web pages that they visit by…

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Mobile commerce is made up of frequent searches

Mobile commerce Trends

Consumers aren’t just looking into products, services, and companies while they’re on the go. The results of a recent research study conducted by Nielsen and Google Inc. regarding the ways in which smartphone searchers use their devices in terms of mobile commerce have just been released. They found that purchases are often made relatively soon after a search has been made. The study determined that 55 percent of mobile commerce searches that lead to a sale convert within an hour from the time that the searching was performed. Google and…

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Mobile marketing becomes Tumblr’s new playground

Tumblr mobile marketing

The company will be joining the smartphone advertising world in 2013 as it looks for new streams of revenue. Tumblr has revealed that it will be taking its first steps into the world of mobile marketing this year, as it makes a number of considerable efforts to add new earnings within this growing environment. The massively popular blogging network has been growing rapidly and is noting the importance of smartphones and tablets. The social landscape over smartphones and tablets has been rapidly expanding and Tumblr has determined that mobile marketing…

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