QR codes on clothing converts college students into advertising

QR Codes on Tshirts

Local startup uses apparel as a form of walking billboard space. Chadwick Martin Bailey, a market research and consulting firm, has released the results of their recent poll regarding the way that people scan QR codes and it has led to some unique uses for the codes. The survey involved the participation of almost 1,300 people regarding their scanning habits. The poll found that 46 percent of the people who took part had scanned QR codes simply because they were “curious” about where it would lead. Jossle, a startup from…

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Connecticut company plasters QR codes on clothing, sees surge in clientele

QR Code T-Shirts

QR codes have become a popular way for businesses to engage with consumers. The codes have led the emergence of a new marketing revolution, one focused exclusively on mobile technology. Given the popularity of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, companies have a lot to gain from targeting the mobile audience. There has been no shortage of creative uses for QR codes, but one such use is rarely seen. That is, QR codes do not often adorn clothing. A company in Groton, Connecticut, is changing that. Tee’s Plus, a…

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