Samsung unveils concept augmented reality windshield

Augmented Reality windshields in cars

The tech giant has revealed an HUD AR experience that could bring notifications and other features to riders. Samsung has now taken the opportunity to place a new concept into the spotlight, in the form of an HUD augmented reality windshield that would help to give motorcycle riders the ability to receive notifications and other features without ever having to take their eyes off the road. The self-driving auto market isn’t the only one receiving attention from technology giants around the world. Samsung has designed a concept for a windshield…

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Augmented reality Samsung wearables are on their way

Google Glass augmented reality games and phone technology

These mobile devices are reportedly slated for possible September unveiling. Samsung is already the top manufacturer for smart and mobile devices in the world ranging from smartphones to tablets, watches, televisions, ovens, fridges and, yes, even the kitchen sink, and now it is taking the chance to get into the augmented reality technology sphere with its own glasses. A new report has been made by a major newspaper in Korea claiming that Samsung intends to compete with Google Glass. The tentative name of the product is the Galaxy Glass, could…

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Samsung announces augmented reality application for Olympic Games

Augmented reality-Olympic Games

Olympics may be ideal venue for augmented reality The 2012 Olympic Games will begin this month in the United Kingdom. As per usual, the event is garnering a great deal of international attention as most of the world’s countries will be represented in various sporting events. In the UK, many companies have been working on ways to improve the experience of those that will be visiting the country for the event. Some believe the Olympics will pose a unique opportunity for these companies to expose consumers to new technologies and…

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