Scan mobile company uses QR codes to create a stir among the crowds

QR Code video

*Great video by explaining what a QR Code is Founded in 2011 by Garrett Gee, a Brigham Young University student, Scan is a company that creates technologies such as NFC image recognition and QR codes in order to bring businesses and individuals from the real world together into the digital sphere. It has not yet been a year since Scan’s app was released, and it has already received over 10 million downloads from the Android Marketplace and the Apple App Store. There are users of the application in over…

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European chess magazine uses QR codes to serve fans of the sport

QR Code Magazine

Chess may not get a great deal of attention from all over the world, but in Europe the sport is a big deal. Given that chess players and enthusiasts are often very tech-savvy, their interests can often be piqued with the use of technology. This has led the French magazine Europe Echecs to make use of QR codes in its latest issue. The publication believes that the codes will help engage readers with new content and enable them to find the information they are looking for easier. The March issue…

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Sips Card initiative could make short stories popular with mobile consumers

Sips Card

Since the advent of technology, artists and other creatives have been looking for ways to adapt to the changes in media. Writers have been the hardest hit by technology’s rise to dominance. Not willing to go down without a fight, more writers are finding ways to adapt and make use of technology as a way to reach out to a new audience. This is the case with Tim LeVan Miller, a writer from South Carolina. Miller has launched a new initiative called Sips Card that seeks to use QR codes…

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Oxfam to transform stores into social museums with QR codes


Oxfam, a conglomerate of organizations that seeks to obliterate poverty and injustice around the world, has begun using QR codes to teach people about the history behind second-hand goods. The organization is using a new mobile application called Shelflife. Shelflife functions as a barcode scanner, allowing users to unlock the content contained within QR codes. Oxfam owns a chain of stores that contains second-hand goods and will be creating QR codes for each item. When these codes are scanned with the Shelflife application, consumers will be able to learn the…

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