Gartner research shows Android takes more than half of sales of smartphones

Android Phone Statistics

The Android mobile operating system from Google Inc. has – according to research from Gartner Inc. – now taken more than half of all of the smartphones that were sold in the 2011 third quarter. The popularity of the Android-based Samsung Electronics Co. handsets contributed to this success. In total, Android devices made up 52.5 percent of the sales of smartphones, which brings it to a position that is twice as big as it was in 2010 at the same time. According to the email report by Gartner, even as…

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Who really is winning in today’s economy

  Social Media has shown that it is here to stay. Add to that the soaring popularity of mobile devices, and you have a marketing gold mine. Technology has increased the processing speed and graphics, making mobile phone users more inclined to use Social Media, shopping and other applications. With so much going into mobile technology, experts are predicting that in the very near future, the sale of laptops and personal computers will be overrun by the sale of mobile devices. U.S. adults who are mobile phone users are at…

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