Mobile devices to collect data from hitchhiker robot’s journey across Canada

Hitchbot mobile technology devices news

The HitchBOT is going to attempt to make its way across the country while accumulating info over 3G networks. While the HitchBOT may look anything but high tech, with a plastic bucket for its body and pool noodles for its arms, it contains mobile devices that will help it to collect a tremendous amount of retrievable data throughout its journey across Canada, provided that it is within range of 3G network service. The hitchhiking robot will start its unique trip on July 27, beginning in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The goal…

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Augmented reality used by Canadian University students for nostalgic experience

augmented reality maple leaf gardens canada

The legendary Maple Leaf Gardens has been digitally recreated through the use of AR technology. A team of five students from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, have used an augmented reality app in order to recreate the experience of the former Maple Leaf Gardens and its best moments throughout history, for the visitors of its current location. The building is the site of the previous home to the city’s NHL and NBA teams, among others. The base of the experience was constructed using Aurasma, the British photo recognition software that…

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