Moscow restaurants use QR code system for customers to prove vaccination

QR code system - vaccine proof

Starting this week, people in the city need to use the barcode as access to be able to dine. As of this week, all of Moscow’s restaurants and cafes are required to use a QR code system in which customers use a barcode to prove that they are fully vaccinated, that they have fully recovered from COVID-19, or that they have had a negative PCR test within the previous 72 hours. This is the Russian capital city’s latest move to bring the latest wave of COVID-19 to a halt. The…

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QR codes provide Russian literature to Moscow metro riders

teen mobile payments texting train bus qr codes

A new program has been launched to offer access to over 100 works to commuters with smartphones and tablets. Commuters who carry smartphones and tablets with them as they ride the Moscow metro system now have a new opportunity available to them, and all they need to do is use their devices to scan QR codes in order to obtain it. This quick response code based program offers access to an extensive and free virtual library service. The program has already been launched and it involves the display of more…

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QR codes and NFC tags appear in pop-up store in Russia

QR Codes in marketing

Media Markt leverages capabilities of QR codes and NFC tags Media Markt, an electronics retailer based in Russia, has launched a new shopping experience at a subway station in Moscow. The retailer has partnered with the Moscow Department of Transportation in order to establish a new “pop-up” store, which features both QR codes and NFC tags. The store will be made available in November of this year and will run through the end of the month. Those with smartphones and tablets will be able to purchase products from the store.…

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Russian government makes use of augmented reality to teach drivers a somber lesson

Russia Mobile apps e-Commerce

The Russian government is taking bold steps to ensure road safety. Moscow, the nation’s capital, has been plagued with an overabundance of road accidents recently, leading officials to launch a new initiative to raise awareness. The Russian Ministry of Transport has developed a new mobile application that leverages augmented reality for the sake of safety awareness. The transit authority has decided to take a much more somber approach to the issue than simply teaching citizens about the rules of the road. The government is instead showing them where people have…

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