Amazon’s Ring unveils new QR code pet tracker

QR code - Pet Tag

The doorbell camera brand has expanded its surveillance tech into furry family members. Amazon’s Ring might be best known for providing consumer-grade surveillance technology and doorbell cameras, but it has recently announced that it is expanding into QR code tags that will help lost pets to find their way home again. The Ring Pet Tag is meant to make it easy for people to identify a found animal that has wandered off. The technology isn’t all that revolutionary, as it consists of a QR code on a tag that allows…

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The Ring Car Cam was just unveiled and is available for pre-order

Ring Car Cam - Dual-Facing Dash Security Camera - Motion Recording and Real-Time Alerts - Ring - YouTube - 1

The device isn’t much of a surprise as it was announced two years ago, but it can finally be purchased. Over two years ago, the Ring Car Cam was first unveiled, and now the long-awaited device is finally available for purchase – through pre-order. The gadget is a conventional dashcam, only through the familiar brand and its popular app. The first launch was made on and in the United States. It was available for pre-order for $199.99, which is a discount of $50 less than what the full…

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Wearable technology is the new Ring you want on your finger

Wearable Technology - smart Ring

Could these new wearables form the marriage that stands the test of time? You’ve heard of smartwatches, but the wearable technology involved in these wrist bands and straps is now getting smaller, in the form of rings that can put the power of your mobile devices on your finger. Ring, a brand new product, is hoping to bring wearables and gesture technology together. This simply titled wearable technology product helps to provide its wearers with a shortcut to just about everything that they need to do on their mobile devices…

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