QR codes and RFID tech come together in Denso Wave and RFKeeper partnership

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The company known for coining the term “QR code” is now expanding into RFID solutions. Denso Wave is recognized for first coining the term QR code for quick response codes, and is now partnering with an RFID tech firm, RFKeeper. This partnership will help the companies to jointly expand their RFID solutions and boost awareness. Denso Wave Incorporated is a Japan based company. It has partnered up with Israel based RFID software development manufacturer, RFKeeper. According to a press release issued by the companies, the two companies have just firmed…

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System ID creates customizable QR codes to help businesses stand out amongst competitors

QR Codes check in

System ID, a company specializing in RFID solutions for businesses around the world, is pushing the boundaries of what QR codes are capable of by creating a new version of the code that maintains the visual aesthetic but improves functionality overall. The company has also found a way to improve the appearance of the codes for those wanting a more visual experience with their marketing campaigns. Using the Reed-Solomon error correction method, System ID has been able to change 30% of a QR codes appearance without interfering the its embedded…

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Track your clothing?!

RFID Clothing

As if we didn’t have enough to be paranoid about when it comes to our personal privacy; DAILY RFID Co., LTD, has developed a new “wash and wear” rfid tracking tag for clothing. The main purpose for the clothing tags isn’t really for spying. They will help retailers and manufacturers to track where the clothes go, how many times they get washed and dried, and they’ll help keep company inventory more accurate. The tags are waterproof, heat resistant, small and dust proof. They can be washed more than one thousand…

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