Businesses prepare as consumers increasingly shop with smartphones

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Over the next few years, Google will be leading a dramatic change in the way that data is integrated across offline purchasing behavior as a result of online marketing efforts. As technologies such as near field communication (NFC) chips have become available in mobile phone powered by Android, new products such as Google Wallet have become possible. Google may also choose to follow in the footsteps of other startups such as Punchd, Shopkick, Placecast and Foursquare. Forrester Research is indicating that the web is currently driving five times its measurable…

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Retailer leverages QR codes to drive customer traffic and loyalty

Express QR Code Campaign

As QR codes continue their dominance of the mobile marketing industry, more retailers are looking to implement the codes in their own marketing efforts. Express, a fashion retailer based in New York, has adopted the codes in order to attract consumers to various store locations throughout the country. The codes are also being used to promote the company’s fall clothing line. QR codes have been used extensively for similar purposes by other companies, giving Express valuable examples of successes and failures in their given industry. The codes will be featured…

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