Mcommerce site for underwear retail provides exceptional sales performance

mcommerce retail underwear site has recorded considerable returns from its inexpensive approach to selling over mobile. Online underwear retailer, has just reported that its inexpensive mcommerce selling approach has been paying off in a highly successful way as reflected by the sales on its website. The family owned business also sells robes and loungewear and is reporting considerable mobile sales. The mcommerce performance that the website experienced in 2012 was recorded to be $168,000. This represents a notable 5.4 percent of the total sales that it made online, which was $3.1 million.…

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Mobile commerce at Google may soon include retail

Google mobile ads

The search engine giant may soon be broadening its reach by starting to sell electronics in stores. It has been suggested that Google, the internet search giant, is going to broaden its already tremendous reach of the company even further, by opening up brick and mortar and mobile commerce retail stores before this year is through. Reports released on Friday suggest that these stores will be open by the 2013 holiday shopping season. This is a move that would expand Google beyond online and mobile commerce and would bring it…

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Mobile commerce from Australia reaches out to China

China Mobile commerce ticketing payments

Australian retailers are beginning to overcome a considerable barrier they had once faced. One of the largest challenges that Australian companies had once faced is now being overcome through the use of mobile commerce, which has allowed retailers to reach out and connect with the massive Chinese consumer base. Though ecommerce had given the concept a bit of a start, it is over smartphones and tablets that there may be true potential. Mobile commerce is opening up the door for Australian online retailers to more effectively offer their products and…

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Mobile commerce success at Target is booming

Target mobile commerce

The retailer has jumped 14 positions on the Keynote Systems site performance index. According to Keynote Systems, after repairing a number of issues with its mobile commerce website, Target has brought its home page average load time down to 7.85 seconds, causing its results to soar. That retail company has also eliminated struggles with its home page content and site redirection. After making these changes, it took Target Corp. only one week to bring itself up to the fourth position on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index. The commendable loading…

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Mcommerce sites and apps created by 47 percent of leading retailers

Mcommerce Website statistics

Acquity Group study includes the results of the top 300 retailers. The recent research results from Acquity Group have shown that among the leading 300 retailers, not even half have both an mcommerce website and a mobile app, but this still represents an increase of 161 percent over 2011. The report looked into the leading retailers, as identified by Internet Retailer. In order to generate the results for the “M-Commerce Audit” report, the firm examined the sites that were in existence through devices operating on the four primary mobile commerce…

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