Restaurants get their own application to help connect with mobile patrons using QR codes.

QR Code Marketing for Restaurants

Likewise Social Media Solutions, a social marketing and management firm based in Canada, has launched a new QR code application that aims to help restaurants connect with mobile consumers. The application is called QR-IQ and its goal is to make static advertisements and information available to consumers more dynamic. The new application is available to any restaurant that has an interest in using QR codes. The codes generated by the application can be scanned by any barcode scanning application that consumers can get their hands on. QR codes are becoming…

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Art lover’s get ready to scan!

Free iphone App for Art

  A new group of volunteers calling themselves the Pervasive Bordeaux have begun using QR codes recently. Pervasive Bordeaux aims to bring entertaining cultural experiences to more people and believe that using the codes will accomplish this goal. The group has recreated some of the most famous paintings from the Italian Renaissance and has been working with Italian restaurants to supply them with table cards attributed with QR codes. When scanned, the codes bring diners to a mobile site where they can see the paintings. Commentary on art pieces is…

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Big technology for small businesses work!

  QR codes are proving to be a handy tool for local business all over the nation. In Seattle, the 2d codes are being used as a cost-effective way of exposure and allowing many business owners to save a small fortune on advertising fees. Being able to link the codes to sites like Facebook and Twitter, small businesses stand to gain significant online presence as intrigue over the black and white boxes grows. Such is the case for Mr. Gyros, a small eatery in Seattle. Co-owner Arsheed was working the…

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