Mobile commerce app by LevelUp provides consumers with much more than food

LevelUp Mobile Payments with QR Codes

Al’s Café, a Boston chain, is now using smartphone applications to engage customers. The owner of the Al’s Café sandwich shops, Al Costello, is known for his efforts to stay ahead of the conveniences offered by his competitors, and his latest service includes a mobile commerce app that allows customers to quickly and easily pay for their food with their smartphones and tablets. The application allows customers to buy anything from sandwiches to soups without their payment cards. All the customers need to do is use their Apple or Android…

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LevelUp asks smartphone users to use a QR code to pay for their meals

mobile marketing on tablets

Startup company in mobile payments focuses on both transactions and loyalty benefits. This year, mobile wallets are finally catching on, as many were hoping would occur in 2011, and startup business, LevelUp, is throwing down its own gauntlet with a unique angle designed specifically for patrons of restaurants, which uses a QR code. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is placing a focus on customer loyalty in the strategy for its mobile payments app. It works by allowing restaurant customers to use their smartphones to scan a barcode…

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QR-IQ announces custom video QR code app for restaurants

QR Code Marketing for Restaurants

QR-IQ has announced the development of a unique app designed for restaurants which allows them to use QR codes to redirect patrons to custom videos that will help showcase the specials for the day. The app functions by rotating among the videos that feature the unique dinner specials for the day. This can be used as a up-selling tool for beverages and appetizers, as well as desserts, and is especially useful at times when the guests are waiting to be seated or served. The QR-IQ app allows any restaurant to add the…

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Cleveland Restaurant Week to be given some spice with QR codes

QR codes restaurants

Next month will be host to Cleveland Restaurant Week, a major culinary event held every year in Ohio. Despite the events name, participants will have fourteen days to enjoy the various activities that will be held in Downtown Cleveland. This year, the event’s organizer, Cleveland Independents, will be incorporating the latest mobile marketing trend to engage tech-savvy attendees. The group has adopted QR codes and plans to partner with the 90 restaurants that will be participating in the event. Event organizers are currently working with local restaurants to formulate an…

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Subway partners with Velti for mobile marketing

Mobile Commerce News

The Subway sandwich shop chain has announced that it will be partnering with Velti – a mobile marketing firm in London – as its sole provider of mobile technology, in order to consolidate its m-commerce efforts worldwide and bring them into a single platform. Subway has reached its top successes yet in 2011, as it surpassed McDonald’s in the number of restaurants around the world. This means that a tremendous number of locations will be depending on the right marketing moves to bring in customers by way of mobile techniques.…

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