Mobile payments offer advantage to small businesses

Mobile Payments

Restaurants specifically stand to benefit from offering patrons a way to pay using smartphones. Analysts are stating that in order to remain competitive now that it is 2013, it will soon be considered to be “crucial” for small businesses and restaurants to offer mobile payments options to their customers. This will help to provide those companies with the type of competitive edge that they require. Electric Commerce International CEO, Jim Anderson, agrees with this statement and included it in a release from his company on the subject. That company is…

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Mcommerce solution released by OpenTable for restaurants

Restuarant mcommerce

The tool is designed to assist with last minute cell phone reservations. OpenTable has announced that its recent mcommerce solution release is now helping restaurants to cope with the number of last minute reservations that are coming in over the phone through the use of a mobile friendly website. This online reservations company allows restaurants to fit their own sites into a smaller screen. Though many restaurants have taken the step to build a website that will allow customers to make online reservations, when mcommerce started to become a significant…

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Mcommerce platform technology from WebWaitr builds possibilities for restaurants

Webwaitr Website using mcommerce for restaurant business

This new solution could change the way that ordering occurs online. WebWaitr has announced its latest solution for local restaurants that uses mcommerce to allow them to compete in the rapidly evolving online ordering environment. This platform will provide consumers with a new way to order take-out from local restaurants. Ordering take-out using an online platform is already a highly popular choice among consumer, so by adding smartphone and tablet channels, a restaurant can open up a new world of convenience for their patrons. Until now, this type of ordering…

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