Reddit says it’s “flattered” about the Facebook downvote tests

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Zuckerberg’s social network is considering a new option for people to do the opposite of a post “like.” A new Facebook downvote option is being tested by the social network. The idea behind the proposed feature is to give a post the opposite of a like. This potential option has been debated among users for quite some time. Reddit already has a downvoting option that allows users to express their dislike for a post. There could be a number of potential benefits to a Facebook downvte system. For instance, it…

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Xbox One to support QR codes

xbox mobile commerce augmented reality

QR codes not to be ignored by the Xbox One The gaming space has been abuzz with both hype and derision for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The Xbox One was revealed last month and has since received more criticism than any other console in recent history due to the controversial features it is equipped with, such as a requirement to always be connected to the Internet. The controversy surrounding the Xbox One has not gone unnoticed by Microsoft and the company has made significant changes to the console’s features to…

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