Human QR code breaks world record in China

human qr code umbrella

Chinese students have successfully come together to create the largest ever quick response code made of people. A whopping 2.5 thousand Chinese students recently joined together to create the largest human QR code that has ever existed. The students joined together in the country’s Henan province to break the previous existing record. There were a total of 2,520 students from Sias International University who created the QR code. The students from the university in the city of Zhengzhou got together on November 1 (though it was first reported by local…

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QR code made out of umbrellas breaks world record

Biggest human QR code Mission Hills China

The largest human barcode was formed by 2,000 people at the Mission Hills luxury golf and spa resort. On the grounds of the largest golf facility in the world, Mission Hills Shenzhen, in China, the 2,000 employees of the luxury golf and spa resort grouped themselves together in order to form a massive QR code by standing together and holding umbrellas. The effort was made in order to help to promote the eco-tourist industry in the area. The QR code was aimed at tourists around the world who are interested…

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QR codes record broken in Taiwan

Taiwan QR codes

Over 1000 people in the country came together to create a massive human barcode. On Sunday, more than 1000 people in Taiwan worked together on a promotion for the island, which created QR codes made out of people, in the hopes that they would be able to draw the attention of the world. The effort was designed to profit from the increase in smartphone use around the world. This is because the growing global penetration of smartphones has meant that a larger number of people have the capability of actually…

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Toronto charity sets giant QR code world record

Worlds Largest QR Code

Youth Unlimited has made its way into the Guinness records. After months of planning and preparations, the Youth Unlimited North York charity from Toronto, Canada, has set a new record with Guinness, for the largest giant QR code in the world. In doing so, the nonprofit also raised a significant amount of money for its cause. The effort included the use of 1,369 four foot squares in black and quite. Each was sponsored or purchased in support of the charity and were displayed in a careful pattern in the Esther…

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NoDa rooftop QR code receives Guinness recognition as largest in the world

rooftop qr code

Massive QR Code gets recorded. The Guinness website is now confirming that the enormous QR code located on a NoDa rooftop is now considered to be the largest one in the entire world. This massive scannable two dimensional barcode was created last fall by Hackerspace Charlotte. It is located on the roof of the Southern Resources building in NoDa. Each of the code’s sides extends a tremendous length of 100 feet, and it is now visible from the satellite views provided by Google Maps. The size of the code has…

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