How we employed APRO CRM


Courtney K. is a successful real estate agent and a CRM administrator at the same time. “It all started when we suddenly discovered that our competitors had outrun us dramatically in the past two years. We eventually got curious, for we knew they were using quite the same methods of work. So we started looking for something they probably had and didn’t want to share with us. We got the answer only when we employed an agent, who used to work for our competitors before. And the answer was APRO…

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Sotheby’s launches new QR code campaign for their high-profile properties

Sotheby's International New York Office

QR codes have been popular amongst realtors. In fact, it was small realty companies that first began using the codes in the U.S. Since then, the codes have spread and become a must-have for companies seeking to edge out their place in the burgeoning mobile marketing empire. Big-name realtors have been slow to adopt the barcodes, with many taking their time to analyze the performance of the codes rather than jump in to the deep end of the marketing pool. Sotheby’s International has just launched a new campaign using QR…

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