Ingestible 3D QR codes created by Chinese researchers for drug dosing info

pills drugs medication qr codes

Scientists in China have come up with quick response codes that can be applied to tablets and capsules. Chinese researchers have now come up with a way to print QR codes that are completely ingestible, onto various forms of pharmaceuticals such as tablets and capsules, which could then be used for a variety of purposes. These quick response codes have been designed to be completely safe to be ingested by patients using the medications. The QR codes can be added to the pills by laser engraving them onto polymer excipient…

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QR codes bring new life to the packaging at CRC

Scanning QR codes

The manufacturer of the products has announced that its labels will now be smartphone friendly. CRC Brakleen manufacturer, CRC Industries, has announced that it has launched a whole new look for the packaging of its DIY penetrants and lubricants which includes QR codes to allow smartphone users to gain more information about the products. The new packaging has already been added to the products, which are now on the shelves and bays in repair shops. The marketing manager for the company, Dori Ahart, explained the strategy for changing the product…

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