Last QR code from the Taylor Swift mystery challenge was in Montreal

QR Code - Image of City of Montreal

After fans searched around the world for a number of barcodes, the last one was located in Canada Entertainer, musician, entrepreneur, and performer Taylor Swift is well known for her love of dropping hints for mystery challenges around her music, and a recent challenge had fans looking for QR code displays around the world. Swift often tucks Easter Eggs into her performances and albums Recently, the performer challenged her fans, also known as Swifties, to spot posters and murals displayed in locations around the world and that showed a QR…

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Your iPhone screen contains a hidden QR code

QR code - iPhone screen barcode

Apple has added the barcode to the smartphone screens for a practical and very simple reason. Apple adds a hidden QR code to all iPhone screens for a reason that many consumers are finding to be curious and quite logical at the same time. The quick response barcodes are being added to the glass itself and nearly hidden to the naked eye. The reason Apple has been adding a hidden QR code to its iPhone screens is simply to help track how many glass cover units are produced and how…

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Top US energy company customers targeted in QR code phishing scam

QR code Scam warning

Over 1,000 emails were issued with security-related lures and containing malicious barcodes. Cyberattackers took aim at a major US energy company with emails including a malicious QR code and a massive phishing campaign seeking to obtain the recipient’s Microsoft credentials. The massive and highly misleading campaign was first discovered in May by Cofense. The email scam campaign used image attachments in PNG format as well as redirect links associated with well-known business applications such as Microsoft Bing, Salesforce and CloudFlare’s Web3 services. They included an embedded QR code that functioned…

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NGC uses hologram QR code to boost anti-counterfeiting

QR code - Authentic

The Numismatic Guaranty Company has introduced the design as part of a new high-security program. The Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) has introduced a new QR code with a high-security hologram as a new component of its strategy for fighting counterfeiting and to make it safer for customers to trust in shopping for NGC-certified medals, coins and tokens. The holograms and quick response barcodes will also be combined with numerical security codes. By working the holograms, QR code and numerical security codes together, the combination becomes unique to the specific collectable…

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Almost half of consumers don’t like using restaurant QR codes

QR Codes in restaurants

A recent study showed 47 percent of restaurant patrons aren’t comfortable scanning the barcodes. Even as restaurants continue to use QR codes more regularly to help take pressure off front-of-house staff, the results of recent studies are indicating that many patrons still haven’t reached the point that they’re entirely comfortable scanning with their smartphones. The quick response barcodes are used for everything from displaying menus to ordering and paying. QR codes are affordable and easy to use, making them highly appealing for restaurants to use as tools for improved front-of-house…

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