Amazon’s Ring unveils new QR code pet tracker

QR code - Pet Tag

The doorbell camera brand has expanded its surveillance tech into furry family members. Amazon’s Ring might be best known for providing consumer-grade surveillance technology and doorbell cameras, but it has recently announced that it is expanding into QR code tags that will help lost pets to find their way home again. The Ring Pet Tag is meant to make it easy for people to identify a found animal that has wandered off. The technology isn’t all that revolutionary, as it consists of a QR code on a tag that allows…

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QR codes aren’t just breaking records for being big

Though much attention has been given to quick response barcodes that are huge, now there is a microscopic version. Those who love attention for breaking records have seen QR codes as a natural and attractive challenge, but now there are competitors at the other end of the scale, as microscopic versions start to join the mobile commerce industry. These tiny barcodes have been referred to as microtaggant labels and are exceptionally tiny. A microtaggant is a particle that is used for microscopic identification for either the tracking or the prevention…

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QR codes used by Boy Scouts for trail signage

Boy Scouts of America QR codes

The quick response barcodes have been used on a trail network in a nature park. An Eagle Scout candidate named Chris Baker has implemented a series of QR codes throughout a network of nature trails in order to allow hikers and park users to learn more about the ecology of the Circle B Bar Reserve. The project brought together mobile technology from smartphones and environmental education. The trail now features the QR codes on its signage in a number of strategic locations, in the hope to help improve the experience…

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QR codes record broken in Taiwan

Taiwan QR codes

Over 1000 people in the country came together to create a massive human barcode. On Sunday, more than 1000 people in Taiwan worked together on a promotion for the island, which created QR codes made out of people, in the hopes that they would be able to draw the attention of the world. The effort was designed to profit from the increase in smartphone use around the world. This is because the growing global penetration of smartphones has meant that a larger number of people have the capability of actually…

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QR codes will be placed along the Meriden linear trail

QR Code Maps

The barcodes will be found at the kiosks located on the second phase. The Meriden Linear Trail Advisory Committee has announced that they will be using QR codes to help to share information in the limited available space along the second phase of its linear trail. This new high tech approach to sharing its research is meant to make the information more easily accessible. The second phase is a stretch of about 1.2 miles. Along that span, there will be four different kiosks that will feature information about the region’s…

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