Companies still struggling with using QR codes effectively, with many focused on appearance rather than functionality

Mobile Marketing QR Codes

Advertising and technology have long enjoyed a cooperative relationship. As mobile technology becomes more advanced, however, this relationship is changing and advertising is becoming more entangled and reliant on the prowess of technology. Perhaps the most influential piece of technology that has come to the world of marketing is the QR code. The codes have changed the way marketers interact with a new generation of consumer, opening the way for constant connection at any time and wherever they may be. While QR codes have shown themselves to be a useful…

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Mobile optimized website puts Timberland in the m-commerce fast lane

Mobile Optimized Site

Timberland has taken a tremendous leap into mobile with its optimized site, which has been live since the end of August, as well as a number of live events which feature QR codes that provide enhanced information on products and will be starting on October 19, 2011. According to the Timberland North American commerce manager, Heather Frost, said that they’ve been paying attention to the information regarding mobile’s emergence for quite some time. She added that smartphones have “obviously changed everything quite dramatically and we felt that getting a mobile-optimized…

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