Iloilo tourism QR code system to inform visitors to each province

QR Code System - Tourist Traveling in airport

The region in the Philippines is using quick response codes to provide tourists helpful information. The Iloilo Tourism Office will be equipping every town in the region with a QR code system. The goal is to provide tourists with much needed information about the area. This could help to improve their visit with information about the different things they can see and where they are. Each town within the Iloilo region of the Philippines will be provided with its own QR codes. The budget for this program is around $3,846…

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Norway bus line incorporates codes to help travelers

Norway Kolumbus Line

Norwegian transport company, Kolumbus, has initiated a new QR campaign that is aimed at making bus schedules more easily available. The codes will let anyone with a smart phone track buses wherever they may be. The company has embedded the codes in more than 1,200 bus stops around the country. The codes already show on their printed paper bus schedules, but Kolumbus is sure that people will still want to scan the codes at the stops. The paper schedule only provides estimates whereas the QR schedule provides real-time updates. Another…

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