Half of consumers see shopping QR codes as the “future”, research

Shopping QR codes are popular and effective now #qrcode #cheapmarketing #smallbusiness

Quick response codes were fading away before fully taking off, until the pandemic arrived. Shopping QR codes never fully managed to achieve mainstream adoption over the years leading up to the pandemic. That said, their use rapidly took off as businesses sought ways to provide contact-free service and research shows consumers love them. The pandemic has introduced quick response barcodes to consumers in a highly practical way. Equally, research conducted by Outform – a shopper agency and manufacturing hybrid company – showed that 50 percent of consumers view shopping QR…

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QR codes help Indonesian merchants make sales

QR codes smartphone

These quick response codes are helping to make mobile payments possible for sellers and consumers. Among the largest challenges to the technology environment in Indonesia is in its mobile payments ecosystem, as 99 percent of transactions are currently conducted in cash, although the use of QR codes could soon make a notable change to that figure. Using smartphones for completing transactions may soon make it more possible for Indonesians to use cashless payments. There has been a considerable amount of thought given to ways to help to adopt mobile payments…

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QR codes help some smartphone shoppers to make their decisions and purchases

QR Codes Mobile Marketing

A Nielsen study shows that mobile shopping comes in many different forms depending on the retailer. Nielsen has released the results of one of its latest consumer studies, which was geared toward understanding how smartphone owners use their devices to make purchases and the decisions surrounding them, such as their use of QR codes and other techniques and technologies. Though much of the information collected simply supported the findings of previous studies and predictions in the industry. What was especially notable, though, was not the fact that people were indeed…

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