Florida commissioner thinks QR codes could replace paper restaurant menus

QR codes - Traditional restaurant paper menu

A Eileen Higgins (Miami-Dade) thinks there is no reason to require restaurants to have physical menus. A commissioner from Miami-Dade is currently seeking to change the Florida law that requires restaurants to have a physical menu, allowing them to use QR codes and other digital options instead. Florida restaurants must all provide a physical copy of their menu to patrons in all their locations. Commissioner Eileen Higgins is seeking to change that law. Throughout the pandemic, the use of QR codes skyrocketed. They became very popular in restaurants, which made…

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QR code menus are a restaurant trend not a short-term fad

QR code menus - scanning quick response code menu

The quick response codes started being used because they are contact-free, but restaurants love them. The pandemic brought about many changes to keep interactions contact-free, to say the least, but the QR code menus are among the tweaks that are likely to stick around well beyond the end of the health crisis. The quick response codes made it easier for restaurants to keep shared surfaces sanitized. Bars, restaurants and cafes have broadly replaced their printed offering lists with QR code menus. They allow diners to use their own phones to…

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