Argos launches new QR coded pop-up stores in the UK and Ireland

Tesco QR Code Store

Argos, a major general goods retailer in the UK and Ireland, has joined the growing number of retailers launching QR coded pop-up stores. Pop-up stores are becoming a popular trend in the retail world, as they can be set up just about anywhere. The stores utilize QR codes as a way to sell products to consumers with smart phones. While the codes are still somewhat exotic to consumers in the UK, the idea of pop-up stores has been gaining momentum in the country due to the high level of smart…

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eBay announces the first British QR code shopping environment and its new Christmas boutique

eBay mobile payments

eBay has just announced the latest of its mobile-related services, taking advantage of the rapidly increasing popularity of QR codes, which are now becoming highly familiar with their appearance on everything from clothing, food products, electronics, beauty products, and even tombstones. The largest online marketplace in the world will now also be using these codes to help with the Christmas shopping experience throughout the holiday season, in order to help consumers to purchase the gifts and other items they want to give or to keep for themselves. They will be…

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