QR codes based mobile payments prove popular through CU Wallet

qr code transactions mobile payments wallet tablet

Sixty five credit unions have now signed on with the service for quick response code using transactions. The American mobile payments platform called CU Wallet, which was created with U.S. credit unions in mind – and is owned by cooperative members – has now announced that this QR codes based service has been adopted by 65 credit unions who boast a combined total of over 7 million customers. The platform will make it possible for credit unions to offer mobile payments services that use quick response codes. Among the suppliers…

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QR codes help Indonesian merchants make sales

QR codes smartphone

These quick response codes are helping to make mobile payments possible for sellers and consumers. Among the largest challenges to the technology environment in Indonesia is in its mobile payments ecosystem, as 99 percent of transactions are currently conducted in cash, although the use of QR codes could soon make a notable change to that figure. Using smartphones for completing transactions may soon make it more possible for Indonesians to use cashless payments. There has been a considerable amount of thought given to ways to help to adopt mobile payments…

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QR codes earned a college student nearly $25k

qr codes bitcoin

Simply by waving a sign with a quick response code in the air while in an ESPN crowd, donations were made. On ESPN’s “College GameDay”, which is a college football program from the station that is filmed every week at a different college campus, a student held up a sign featuring QR codes, the words “Hi Mom. Send” and a Bitcoin logo. This was all it took to have thousands of people interested in finding out where the barcode led. The QR codes clearly led to a Bitcoin wallet, so…

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