QR Code stores big hit in 2013

qr code virtual stores

Dutch Startup to bring pop-up virtual store to the public After Tesco launched its QR Code virtual store for the homeplus formula in 2009, the number of QR Code stores has been increasing with double digits. In 2012 over 300 QR Code stores were published worldwide and over 2000 have already been announced for 2013. With the rise of mobile commerce, retailers are finally integrating their online and offline channels. According to Forrester research , mobile retail and travel spending grew by 80% in 2011 and is expected to more…

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QR codes featured on Scan Fusor products from LORD Corporation

Scanning QR codes

The organization has linked the barcodes to instructional videos and additional information. The manufacturer of Fusor Automotive Repair Adhesives, LORD Corporation, has just announced that it will be expanding the way in which it uses QR codes, by adding them to many of their product labels. This is meant to help customers to better inform themselves about the products. The QR codes provide smartphone users with a fast and easy way to gain information about the products that are available, learn more about how the products can be used, determine…

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QR codes used for door locks drawing significant attention

QR Code NFC technology Door Lock

Users wonder whether this provides convenience or a potential security problem. LibeTech has revealed a new system that uses QR codes as a new high tech way to turn mobile devices such as smartphones into door keys. What is now being asked is whether this keeps a room’s contents truly secure. QR codes are already being used in a number of different ways to allow smartphone users to bridge the gap between reality and the digital world. The devices themselves are already making many different common items relatively obsolete, such…

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QR codes fill a building at the International Architecture Biennale

QR Codes

The Russian pavilion in Venice won an award as a result. The Russian pavilion at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice drew a great deal of attention at the end of August, due to its hundreds of QR codes worked into the display, and it has now won an award. The exhibition jury named the barcode filled pavilion the winner of a special award. The special award was granted to the Russian pavilion after it impressed the jury with its massive quantity of QR codes, for a highly unique mobile…

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Texas town to make QR codes a new part of their restaurant inspection certificates

qr codes

The residents and visitors of the town of Plano, Texas, will soon be able to use their smartphones to help to find out more information about the details of the inspection certificate that has been assigned to that restaurant. This makes Plano the first city to provide consumers with instant access to the health inspection information. It has accomplished this goal by adding a QR code on the publicly-displayed permit at the restaurant, so that smartphone device users can view the data from the health inspections of the approximately 1,400…

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