QR codes help sushi chef eliminate restaurant fish substitutions

qr code sushi

California restaurants are experiencing a rise in “fish fraud” and a mobile friendly barcode is helping to stop that. There is a growing problem in California restaurants, as well as in other areas of the United States, and a sushi chef is hoping to use QR codes to put the practices around it to a dead stop. The issue has to do with the use of fish that is far less than fresh in sushi and other restaurants. The practice of gassing fish with carbon monoxide in order to maintain…

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QR codes could play an important role in stopping fraud

Example of QR Codes On Wine

These mobile friendly barcodes are ideal for helping to reduce the spread of counterfeit products. A counterfeit expert has explained that using unique QR codes on the packaging for alcoholic beverages is now helping to reduce the spread of counterfeit products and false claims. These barcodes allow consumers to be able to verify claims about products while still in store. KPMG’s Geert de Vries, from the risk services unit, has explained that using QR codes can provide far greater benefit than using special ink or holograms, which he calls “relatively…

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