QR code monitoring system under development for taxi passenger safety

autorickshaw qr codes - India autorickshaw

The Mysuru police are developing a GPS-using app to track rides and assist with complaint reporting. Police from the Indian city of Mysuru are developing a QR code monitoring mobile app for taxi and autorickshaw passenger safety. The goal is to use mobile internet as a component of policing those vehicles and provide other services. Passengers can read the quick response codes using a free app on their smartphones. The goal is to make it fast and easy for a customer to take part in the QR code monitoring process…

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Chase Pay QR codes has won over Walmart when Apple Pay didn’t

chase qr codes Walmart Pay Mobile Payments app

The bank has announced that it will be launching its mobile payments in the U.S. retail stores next year. Chase Pay QR codes will be among the mobile payments options available at Walmart locations in the U.S. next year. This mobile wallet will be worked into Wamart’s own app. Customers will be able to use it to make in-store purchases with Chase Visa and debit cards. Instead of relying on NFC technology, this mobile wallet uses QR codes shown at the checkout counter. To pay for a purchase, users display…

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QR code use may improve Edinburgh garbage collection

edinburgh scotland qr code use

The Scottish capital’s city council is considering quick response codes to help overcome issues in the system. The City of Edinburgh council has announced that it is considering QR code use among many strategies to improve its waste collection services. The council’s transport and environment committee made the announcement in response to complaints from residents. These residents have found issues with the delivery of their waste collection services. At the start of November, the council agreed to move forward with a 65 point plan to improve service. The goal is…

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Students use QR codes to bring us closer to nature

toys qr codes

The team have worked together to use quick response codes and smartphone tech to improve interactivity. High school students who are Warren Consolidated Schools Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center (MMSTC) Ecology Club members have now implemented QR codes at the Sterling Heights Nature Center to help visitors to be able to use their smartphones in order to discover more about the animals that they may see there. The hope is to help to boost the learning and interactivity that is available through the nature center. When a visitor uses a…

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