Students use QR codes to share history of town

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Teens from Sacred Heart School in Swaffham have placed quick response codes around their town. Students from the Swaffham Sacred Heart School have used QR codes to provide visitors to the Town Trail with access to video recordings that offer more information about the historical site that they are facing. There are a total of 44 different quick response codes that have been placed at locations throughout the town. These QR codes are scanned by smartphones and tablets in order to play recordings that offer information about the person or…

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QR codes guide visitors along the Birchanger Wood trail in Stortford

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The ancient woodland in the United Kingdom now features quick response codes at 33 points. The coppiced Birchanger Wood in Stortford in the United Kingdom is now the new home of a program that has been launched that will use QR codes along its trail in order to provide visitors with more information about the location along the way. The quick response codes can be scanned by smartphones using virtually any free reader app. People who choose to scan the QR codes that they see will be able to learn…

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