QR codes added to Edinburgh tram tickets

mobile wallet qr codes tickets

Quick response codes will now be making it more convenient to buy and validate fares. Commuters and other passengers who take the new tram service in Edinburgh, Scotland, will now be able to use a specialized mobile app to scan QR codes in order to be able to buy and validate their tickets. This will allow the entire process to occur through the use of the passenger’s smartphone. To be able to use the QR codes to buy and validate their tickets, passengers must first use their smartphones to download…

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QR Codes For Transit Systems

QR Codes used for transportation

It seems that there is no end to what the humble little QR code can accomplish. From protecting autistic children to preserving knowledge for future generations to enabling us to shop from our mobile devices, this diminutive square filled with dashes and dots is changing the world around us. And its latest conquest is transit. Yes, the QR Code is making changes to how the residents of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, will ride the bus. Introducing OC Transpo Some of you may be shrugging your shoulders, saying “Who cares about some…

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QR codes make e-ticketing easier on Ukrainian Intercity+ trains

London mobile commerce train

Ukrzaliznytsia has announced the introduction of new mobile friendly electronic ticketing. As of February 5, 2013, passengers on the Ukrzaliznytsia Intercity+ trains can now use QR codes on e-tickets to help to make their traveling experience much more convenient through the use of their smartphones. This mobile barcode news was first reported to the media by the Donetsk railways press service. According to this media release, passengers can now book their tickets online using their bank cards, and then print the digital copy of the ticket out on a piece…

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